About Us
Company Profile

          We repair many materials that come in a roll or coil    
           form.  Whether it is plastics, newsprint, magazine       
           stock, board stock, aluminum as well as tinplate,        
           stainless, galvanized, cold rolled steels.  We can        
           provide other services concerning these                       

           We can serve your West coast needs.

           Notable Quotes:

           Your company provides the best overall service        
            that we have experienced.  Your men are                      
            courteous and work with "SAFETY" in mind.


The initial founder, Jack Priester, was a                       
             packaging engineer by trade.  The current                  
             partners of Marsann are members of his                      
             immediate family:  Sue Praytor, office manager,        
             Nolen (Jack) Praytor with 36 years experience,          
             Douglas Priester with 37 years experience.  We         
             are carrying on the tradition that he started.